Tedium House

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More fun than sticking your feet down the toilet ... [Bananafish] features ... letters found in the street, interviews that breach journalist/patient confidentiality ethics, self-abuse raised to high literary art, record reviews like no other publication (though, believe me, some have tried), and coverage of the stuff you need to know about and no other damn mag will cover ... The only journal its a sin not to buy. --Bruce Russell, Corpus Hermeticum\r\n"The latest issue in the Glass-Monroe-Beezer familys long-running magazine dedicated to that which cannot be spoken (but certainly read). Includes print and audio material from outsiders like Trey Spruance of Mr. Bungle, Peg Murray of U.S. Saucer, John Wiese of Bastard Noise, James Goode, Reynols, Panicsville, Vote Robot, Polar Goldie Cats (doing a feline version of Edgar Winters "Frankenstein," and "others." 164-page magazine with a 14-track CD companion." - Tedium House. 2000 issue.

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