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"Without giving much of a clue as to process or instrumentation, theres still a bit more at stake between this duo collaboration and other PE/noise experiments of its type. There doesnt seem to be any mixer/source abuse here; were led, from the title, to believe that this is a capturing of treated piano, though it doesnt sound much like it. Excepting the possibility that the piano strings have been micd and processed, one normally doesnt get this much sustain out of a piano, even if they hold down the damper pedal. What surfaces is this noisy, yet warm and somehow harmonic buzzing drone, and if I had to say what it reminds me of, it would be the sound of a tractor with a lawn-mower attachment and vacuum bagger, cutting the grass of my parents backyard. More than any other noise recordings, this one throws off the a late summer afternoon ambiance, with the sun dying down and dinner being readied, when my dad was rounding the back corners, and was therefore further away from my bedroom window. It shares the same consistency and tonal qualities, and sounds like it could run forever. With these memories in tow, this becomes an exceptional and meaningful piece of music, though Im not sure if many people would agree with me on this, or could see the suburban POV from where Im coming." - Doug Mosurock, Still Single.

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