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BERRESHEIM, TIM & JONATHAN MEESE - Die Christmaskameraden: Christmas Time/You are Father Christmas. Accept it

Meeuw Muzak

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The label with the strongest tradition in releasing Christmas 7s is no doubt Meeuw Muzak. Not because he likes Christmas very much, but he likes to sit at home and play his releases during that day. Die Christmaskameraden are Jonathan Meese and Tim Berresheim, both well-known visual artists from Germany. Meese has a wide fascination for anything from Wagner to Stalin, and Ezra Pound to Rasputin. On this 7" they play synth, glockenspiel and sing about father christmas and even have a sort of disco rhythm on the second side, which could be seen as the extended dance remix. We are father Christmas, you are father Christmas they sing. After the RLW and Tietchens, this is certainly much more weirder and way-out then those and is a most curious record indeed. Play this for your family on boxing day and disapproval will be your share." - Vital Weekly.

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