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Alga Marghen

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"The terminal concept of Cycles is matured after the sharp Fragments and the Glacial Mosaics of MBs recent artistic reproduction, at the end of a triennial project, aiming to exacerbate the routine of prefab sound, the common and forgone sound created to be exclusively consumed by an amorphous and servile mass, sunken in a sullen entertainment. The approach here is totally new and the fragment is isolated and constantly repeated in order to build an aural minimal architecture. As MB states: Our whole existence is subordinated to intense and mathematical cycles, from the biological to the technological one, from the solar to the lunar one, from the historical to the legendary one. The cyclicity of the sonorous meanders of Cycles is, probably, the unique example of cyclic music. Particular and interatomic sonorous repercussions infinitely and distinctly repeating themselves, captured in a spectroscopy of atavic and coriaceous notes. And in the classic mood of the early 80s style, MB continues: The establishment will disagree. Such an experiment will be considered tedious and banal. What matters to me is not the ephemeral judgement of this sick and condemned reality. Finally the nine cycles included in this minimal work could be considered my appropriate epitaph. I have already entirely expressed my own artistic freedom and I wonder whether this might be nothing but the end of another cycle, in anxious expectation of the... eternal cycle. Due to the extreme nature of the material included, the reproduction of this edition has been limited to 200 copies only."- Alga Marghen

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