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"EesT records is happy to announce a further step into the Maurizio Bianchi new production, a new compact disc which completes the Trilogy starting with the previous Colori and First Day-Last Day . This time the author concentrates on Time, or the inevitable. A sound counterpointistic journey beginning with the creation of the first human being, in autumn 4026 B.C.E. and passing through the two big planetary cataclysms. Then the individual experience of MB himself is investigated, a sort of electro-biography. The climax of this work is represented by the dramatic collaps describing the imminent destruction of todays society. MB explains that this is not an utopical perspective but those feelings rise from the Revelator of all the secrets, the One who knows the future in advance and all the connected events. The Creator of the majestic universe and the One to whom all of us will give account when the final war of Har-Maghedon will break up on 60.. A.M. Will there be any survivor then? Hopefully there will be among the listeners of this work who will delight their ears and fill their hearts with the compelling and intense emotional sounds of Dates". - EEST.

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