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BIG TROUBLES - Freudian Slips


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Big Troubles are a duo based out of Ridgewood, NJ (home to Real Estate, Ducktails, Fluffy Lumbers, etc). Alex Craig and Ian Drennan started Big Troubles in the summer of 2009 after playing in many bands together since early adolescence. The songs on this EP were some of the first the band recorded that summer in Ians basement, surrounded by guitars, a multitude of pedals, a drum machine, and a 4-track. This 7 is a chunk of overwhelmingly woozy guitar pop that transcends the thinness of most lo-fi music of this era. Leading off the release is an alternate version of "Freudian Slips" that has been floating around the interweb over the past few months." - Blackburn. LP on Olde English Spelling Bee "soon"..

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