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BLACK BUG - Police Helicopter


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The certified degenerate buzz thats surrounded BLACK BUG for the past few years has been dangerously bubbling under the surface and toxically spread over a handful of singles and their debut LP, as they have emerged as the truly most demonic and nihilistic of the minimal synth acts of the current suffocating wave. Hailing from the bowels of the Swedish underground, Black Bug are a terrorizing ambient noise duo of questionable origin, existing in a vacuous plane of reality, where simplistic noisy analog reverberation is the answer to all of lifes questions, and when isnt it? Here they offer us three more devilish cuts of unsettlingly echo-laden dance floor classics, undulating with such a depraved throb and squirm, they might be already embedding themselves deep into your skin, as to quickly dissolve and infect instantly. Black Bug revel in the ugliness of simple purity and the way it feels against your cold, wet skin. Theyve cornered the market on the vile nothingness of paranoid desperation and their songs here are as bleak and gut-wrenching as any of their fore bearers. First edition of 500 copies. -Hozac

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