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BLACK DICE - Chocolate Cherry

Catsup Plate

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"Black Dices Chocolate Cherry" seven inch comes hot on the heels of\r\ntheir album Repo (which is Catsup Plates favorite Black Dice record)\r\nand finds the band pushing themselves further "out" and paradoxically\r\nmaking some of the poppiest sounds to come from their camp in some\r\ntime.\r\nIf Repo was the sound of Black Dice making a funk record then\r\n"Chocolate Cherry" veers more towards soul, if you can believe that.\r\nThe title track is all clipped ecstatic vocals and stuttering disco\r\nsoul. "POP STD" pins a laconic guitar line and backmasked vocals onto\r\na plodding drum line. And the record closes with the amazingly titled\r\n"Bob" which somehow merges insect like buzzing, an incessantly lazy\r\nrhythm and what this writer likes to think is a sitar drone (but\r\nprobably isnt) into a piece of druggy brilliance.\r\nSilkscreened on heavy chipboard in four colors by the fine folks at VG Kids.\r\nSingle edition of 500 copies only." - Catsup Plate.

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