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BLACK DICE - Lost Valley

Catsup Plate

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"Black Dice formed during the spring of 1997 in Providence, Rhode Island, as a loud, chaotic mix of early-80s-inspired thrash and harsh noise experimentation. By the fall of 2001, the unorthodox instrumentation continued to evolve, and an emphasis on signal processing provided a broader range of sounds to work with. While volume and physical presence of sound remained crucial, melody and repetition became key elements that songs were composed upon. The shift in focus introduced a new gentle and tuneful quality to the intense, brash music. Currently, the music retains elements of noise and proto-industrial experimentation, while organically suggesting minimal, ambient electronic, and psychedelic ideas, as well as those of tropicalia and dub. Black Dice is now the organized presentation of improvised sound, assembled into deliberate structures based on visual concepts." 

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