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BLACK HUMOR - Love God, Love One Another

Superior Viaduct

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BLACK HUMOR was an experimental rock band from San Francisco in the early 80s. (Not to be confused with blackhumor," alias of noise artist Frazer Hall.) They released just one, very hard to find LP on Fowl Records in 1982. Only 1,000 records were pressed, each with unique handmade covers: thick slabs of paint, collage, parrot feathers, dirt, whatever else happened to be laying around their Tenderloin flat. Many of these have since gone for high, collector prices or ended up in oblivion. Existing in a parallel universe to other bands of the era, Black Humors music is filled with jarring images of urban decay and desperation, bass-driven melodies, and layers of dissonant guitar and percussion. And perhaps the only known recording of a parrot that was taught to say "Fuck You." - Superior Viaduct. Highly Recommended!

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