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BLANK DOGS - The Fields

Captured Tracks

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"Blank Dogs are actually singular: Its the insanely prolific one-man Brooklyn-based band of Mr. Blank Dog. We dont know too much about the biography of the guy behind the bedroom new-wave pop/punk and hes usually covering his face with masks or bedspreads, but thats fine. The aura of anonymity allows you to focus on the sounds -- and, really, he might be releasing a ton of things, but theres definitely a higher jam to crap ratio. Its like Joy Division vocal lines with the Cures synth and guitar melodies filtered through ancient submerged keyboards and eroded recording equipment. And that voice? All the feedback in the world cant hide his knack for melody. Blank Dogs have been making plenty of rumbles in the noisier and more secretive outposts of the underground (half his discographys sold out), but Troubleman Unlimiteds just repressed his very recommended full-length On Two Sides (on yellow vinyl in an edition of 500) and In The Reds releasing a 20-song double LP (or single CD) Under And Under in January. Its all new material. Hes also playing his first shows this month in NYC, so if you want to take a peek, you can. All this to say: Seems like BlankDogs is on his way out of the basement."-Stereogum.
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