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BLANK REALM - Hey! Little Child

Negative Guest List

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BLANK REALM have been setting hearts aflutter in Brisbane and beyond (including, most recently, the United States) for the better part of the last decade. Over two LPs and a gaggle of small run CDR and tape releases, this rabid family unit have blurred the lines between spoiled Krautrock, FM channel-surfing and psychedelic shrubbery. Their first release on NGL is also the first in a series of Negative Guest List Jukebox Singles, where artists are invited to take a song that has been pre-written by another and attempt to transcend the meaning of the word cover", the only guidelines being that it should be fit to cut at 45RPMs. Here, the SPENCERS (and a WALSH!) add a blazed psychedandy vibe to Alex Chiltons orgiastic "Hey! Little Child," taken from his classic Like Flies On Sherbert LP. If this is your first taste of Blank Realm it will surely only leave you wanting more, and for the old fans here is your chance to be satiated in hearing the only tune this band has covered on stage immortalized to wax. Get a gobfull." -Negative Guest List

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