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BLAZE X - Some Hope/Rippy

Sing Sing

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Blaze X formed in late 1975 in Tuam. They quickly learned to play and scored support slots for touring bands such as The Radiators, The Fuze, Tony Koklin and most famously U2 at Leisure Land in Galway on December 18, 1980. In November 1980 they entered RCF Studios in Galway and recorded their self-released single which sold well locally but didnt have much distribution apart from some mailorder sales. Only 500 copies pressed and its a tough one to find these days. Most were sold locally and some were sent out as promos -- one of which went to RTE DJ Larry Gogan, who made it his Hit-Pick of the week (though the B-side Rippy" was banned). Despite this success, the band failed to get on TV and no more copies were pressed. They split in 1981 when they failed to achieve their ambitions." - Eamonn Keane.

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