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BLEAKS - Haste, Error


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Haste, Error" is the debut album from the aptly monikered trio Bleaks, consisting of Jeremy Lemos (White/Light, White/Lichens), Kyle Bruckmann (EKG, Lozenge) and Steve Silverstein (Christmas Decorations, Wodger pit boss). Thick, analog-synth black-hole dronisms and metallic percussive clatter meld with assorted reeds_¢??all swimming in the deep end of 1980s industrial/improv sprawl, perhaps bringing to mind the work of Factrix or early Maurizio Bianchi. This is not noise as it is currently understood. Rather, Bleaks ravage with precise subtlety and a surgical moodiness that is frankly unsettling. _¢??Haste, Error_¢?¬ù was meticulously put to tape in Chicago over a three-day span in 2007. Post Script: A black metal band was recording across the hall at the same studio complex. Hearing Bleaks wafting through the hallways, they brought up the possibility of the boys guesting on some of their material. This didnt end up happening. Clearly, the metallers feared a pissing contest." - Wodger. Letterpressed edition of about 200 copies.

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