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BLEEK - Lay Your Skull Upon Tha Groundz Of Tha Bleek Godz

No Basement Is Deep Enough

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-Ç "Clawing their way out of the deep confines of a dank Ypsilanti basement, Bleek slithered their way to the murky south. Under the full moon of Austin this archive was recorded in a red room prior to full possession. While the brainwashed masses drooled outside the door, Bleek recorded this document with the purpose to meld minds and combat demonic possession of capitalism perpetuated by music festivals thrown by the titans of industry. Join us to terraform the landscape into something livable.
This recording contains John Olson (Wolf Eyes, American Tapes) on winds, Ethan Billips (Body Tape, Body Tape Intl.) on electronics/production, Jared Walker (Foxygen, The Ferdy Mayne) on guitar, and Adam Daniel Rader (Some Say Leland, McMercy Family Band) on guitar. This PSY-JAZZ running through graveprog like foreign water through a tourist comes in a giallo pingpong take on Maxine Sanders dislodged eyeball and is limited to 65 hand-numbered copies." -¢‚Ǩ‚Äú BLEEK
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