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Ultra Eczema

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"After a short break after the monthly MSS MEESTERD zine, this is the first issue in a new series of visual and aural travel reports, mostly because the author would forget what happened on these travels otherwise.. this first issue was made in iceland during the last weeks of august (2013), it includes off set printed (rather colorful) drawings of melted alien elfs, bearded village druids, empty landscapes, and a ridiculous cake drawn under the influence of magic mushrooms, it also includes riso printed photos of trophies, a blow up doll glued to a restaurant owner that serves the better lobster soup, Dieter Roths piano, Helgi and Gullas bones, and on top of that in the back cover you will find a 7" single bursting with a recording of locked, groovy, field recordings collaged with a spontanious father singing some kind of national anthem "wishing his country well", on the flip we have a live improv gig with a 5 year old on to 200 copies." - Ultra Eczema.

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