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BLIMP, THE - Not Beer

Violet Times

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The Blimp is something akin to all of the above and something else entirely, soaring beyond mere caveman crunch evident in passing, ferociously ripping thru the past and any kind of perceived influences, providing the mass ear w/ a clatterist cacophony of sound/s for now times and beyond. Guitar flight, zig-zag wanderings, warped sense shatterings, spoken/acapella yearnings, theremin derangement, and more -sometimes combine, sometimes crash- wailing high, revealing to the listener a not hardly hidden pop-sensibility evident almost at once to even the most never been experienced of ear and/or idea, life or song.\r\nWhen every single mind in the physical has already been blown, what can ya really say or do? Blast away my blues. This is just a small tasting of things to come from this waking nightmare alive band. -Violet Times.


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