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BOSOM BLUES BAND, THE - The Overgone Sounds Of...


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"Heres a new, high quality, long lost, unreleased heavy blues psych LP, recorded in late 1968 in Baltimore, all previously unreleased material! Very limited edition, dont miss it! Label liner notes: November 23rd, 1968...The Bosom Blues Band - four fellows aged 18 to 22, entered Recordings Incorporated, a 4-track studio in Baltimore. Producer Martin Gary brought the guys up from Richmond, where hed found their live performances to be more exciting than any Rock band in town during the Sixties. The session was engineered by George Massenburg. These demos were laid down in one night, at a pace that would have drained the blood from most any white boy blues band. Some of this material is live, with no overdubs. "Leavin Trunk", for example, is a raw, barely harnessed opener. The Bosom Blues Band usually called themselves The Bosom Blues. Under their skin they had heart and soul in spades. This demo session was booked to document their agility with various R&B styles, old and new. But things went further. The addition of saxophone on three (or four) of these cuts was not an attempt to add a gut bucket element to the proceedings. This sax man blows with a thermo-static arpeggio jazz approach thats more out than in. Avant-garde (the term really resonated at the time) alto makes their brand of rocking blues oscillate all the more. These often unconventional, always energized, personality plus performances got them face to face with the late Sam Charters, and an offer to join the roster of the iconic Vanguard Records. For reasons lost in time they turned it down, disbanding before 1969 was half way ended." -Arcania

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