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the bowles were a briefly extant australian trio of matthew p. hopkins, christopher schueler (r.i.p.) and mary macdougal. they came together in 2009 and plied their craft across the patchwork of warehouses, attics and d.i.y. artspaces connecting the blue mountains of new south wales to inner city sydney before imploding later that same year. although their time with us was short, the bowles creative bloom was towering and unforgettable. the bowles ep presents a six track overview of the groups modus operandi, recorded live to dictophone in sydney. murky cassette montages, strung out 3am ballads and exquisite corpse-style constructs unify and define an original voice that few have heard, until now.\r\nthe bowles ep arrives in a pro-printed full color sleeve sporting mary macdougals painting getting together, and includes a full color bowles postcard, in a limited edition of 350 copies. -Kye.\r\n
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