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BOY DEPARTMENT BOYZ, THE - Live at Shermans March

American Tapes

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Hah...part two of the Fag Tape Heath aka Juices Trapped Title series. I was strolling to the gym one gray morn and passed the Con Man walking Steve Perry and jawing on the cell. It went like this: "Yo Man-did you see my e-mail about that thing?" "Yeah, I replied, should be kool" "Who you clapping at? Dom?" "Yeah...." Conn starts giggling.... " "Whats so funny?" "Doms asking why so many Mich. bands have Boyz in the title..." Giggling still... "Cause man...its the crew...duh" "Doms all like Whats the next project funna be? The Boy Department Boyz?" "Fuck..killer. "Fuck..killer...thanks for the title of me and So in the next day, I busted to Hamm studios and recorded our new jam The Boy Department Boyz. Coorz/Juice slombo, pretty easily to grip a mental clip of the sound, it aint breakcore or Mick style Drum & Bass. Thanks Dom!!! Dont think if i dared him to start his new project Tinkerbells Fairydust hed bust it......Same deal as the series roundup: Color Vinyl, Art, Any Speed, edition of 200." - American Tapes.
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