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BRONZE - One Night In Mexico/ Hymn of the Night Shepherd

Enfant Terrible

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...the band hollows out the inside of an ARP 2600 and rides its plastic carcass all the way into the pits of hell, picking up the bones of a million dead post-punk/synth-punk bands along the way.-Ç Youll be picking pieces of Throbbing Gristle out of your teeth as One Night in Mexico" shifts gears from menacing to terrifying, a barrage of white hot synth shrapnel and lacerating guitars threatening to take you head off even before you can flip the record. The B-Side isnt any tamer, with a whiplash rhythm that cant sit still for more than a second, perhaps thats because its getting poked, rammed and prodded with all manner of scorpion synth stabs and screaming that sounds like it was recorded through a trash compactor." - Impose Magazine. Edition of 300 copies.

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