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BRUNNEN - The Garden Of Perpetual Dreams

A Colourful Storm

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Edition of 150. "Last night I turned into a cat. Just like that." A Colourful Storm present a re-visioned issue of Brunnen's The Garden Of Perpetual Dreams, a recorded cassette dating back to 1989. Brunnen, aka Freek Kinkelaar, one of the everlasting beacons of the Dutch underground. One half of fabled group Beequeen (1988-2015) with Frans de Waard and collaborator with the likes of Nurse With Wound, Paul Panhuysen, The Residents, Merzbow, and Edward Ka-Spel. Kinkelaar presents The Garden of Perpetual Dreams as a new vision, produced with Raymond Steeg of The Legendary Pink Dots and mastered by Steeg and Peter Van Vliet (Mekanik Kommando, De Fabriek, The Use Of Ashes)." - A Colourful Storm.
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