BRUSH - Brush!?


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This is Masayoshi Takanakas (pre-Flied Egg) first-ever recording, originally released in 1971 as a tiny private pressing in Japan, also one of the great collectors unsolved mysteries, appearing in Hans Pokoras book, 3001 Record Collector Dreams. Its so rare that it took nearly two years to locate the material. The music is West Coast-oriented hard psych with a progressive touch - all original material and really well-produced. This is a concept album like Spooky Tooth/Pierre Henrys Ceremony, and a true hippie undertaking by Takanaka, Hitoki Goto, Michio Ara, Tushio Tsukagishi, Toru Hatano and Takefumi Yoshida - an album where many musicians of the Japanese underground scene were involved. In Japan this album is also known as Escape. First-ever CD jewel case edition with 20-page booklet. - Shadoks.

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