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BRYANT, ALLAN - Spaceball


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Bryant was an original member of the legendary 60s improvisational ensemble MEV (Musica Elettronica Viva). He later took up invented guitar language, releasing an infamous album on CRI (currently available as CRI CD 699); this new CD, self-released on his own new label, continues in the spirit of Space Guitars -- droning, long-string-like ambiance, space-pulse variations, all embedded in some of the deepest fields of cosmic invention that the current musical universe can offer. A music that Bryant claims is about whirling, speeding, smashing space particles and stormy, exploding matter -- a drama that touches our very existence, origins and being -- or not being. (I paraphrase, his unique personal spelling methods are much more exotic). Im sure this will add up as one of the quintessential personal documents of recent times. - IRML.

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