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Play Loud!

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Edition of 500. "As can be ascertained from the programmatic introduction, the group's name appears first, followed by the various musicians involved and their respective instruments. It might be worth mentioning when the Bunte Truppe was actually founded. The attentive reader will notice that Limpe Fuchs, Ruth-Maria Adam, Ignaz Schick, and Ronnie Oliveras started performing together in 2017 with a battery of percussion, wind and string instruments, as well as numerous electronic aids. At this point, it is extremely important to describe how such a colorful troupe can remain at the cutting edge of contemporary music, moving effortlessly between different musical genres with their improvisations. It goes without saying that this rather exaggerated claim assumes that the Bunte Truppe can challenge their audience in this way. But of course! Anything else worth mentioning? Attention could be drawn to historical contexts and other cultural connections, for example the fact that Limpe Fuchs has been around as a musician for God knows how long (for a time in the free improv duo Anima-Sound), and is widely known internationally; or that Ruth-Maria Adam and Ronnie Oliveras also go on the rampage with Datashock and the Flamingo Creatures; whilst Ignaz Schick rushes from one Artist in Residency to the other with a record player under his arm. These facts may or may not be important. Similarly, in order to put their music in perspective, it may or may not be helpful to draw comparisons with other international benchmarks. However, before we get lost in the labyrinth of music, let's rather prick up our ears and devote our attention to the astonishing sounds hiding in this recording: full of life and seemingly carefree, but (at the same time) always heedful of each other, the members of the Bunte Truppe start playing as free as a bird, and manage to unite apparently incompatible musical opposites without any effort. The material cannot be mastered, it has suffered enough already." - Holger Adam.
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