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BURNT HILLS - Lights Out


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Burnt Hills are a collective from Albany, NY. Every monday they use to jam and host shows at the Heldberg basement, which is also the headquarter of Flipped Out Records, exquisite label and mailorder active for 25 years. If you are lucky enough to attend one of their shows, you will probably realize that you are experiencing something more than a concert‚Ķ Its in fact a proper ritual that finds its perfect expression in a music that combines the freedom of free jazz, the fire of garage rock and the hallucinations of the best psychedelic music. Lights Out is just Burnt Hills at their best. Just a little warm up and the Hills explode like a bomb blowing up continually in a furious jam, where heavy vibrating vocals, pulsating rythm section and wild guitar wipe outs move along with perfect cohesion and fluidity. We are completely sucked into the vortex of this groove when a slow comedown begins to the end of the side, with that great solo guitar pattern drawing the last beaufitul images and then‚Ķ Lights Out!Paste on covers, with hand stamped label. Limited to 150 copies, numbered. - 8mm.

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