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"Peter Cares controversial short film, Johnny YesNo, was made in 1979. Its original soundtrack, recorded and produced by Cabaret Voltaire, was released as an album two years later. This release is a box set of music and film, comprising the original Johnny Yesno film, a new re-imagining of the film alongside 140 minutes of bonus material and 2CDs including new mixes by Richard H. Kirk plus exclusive tracks. Cabaret Voltaire, alongside Human League, Throbbing Gristle, Fad Gadget and the Normal, were at the forefront of the UK electronic movement of the late 70s and were, without a doubt, one of the most influential acts of the last thirty years. Way ahead of their time, Cabaret Voltaire were prolific with blending dance music, techno, dub, house and experimental. Contents: 2 NTSC All-Region DVDs (180 minute running time), plus 2 CDs (135 minutes of music)." -Mute.

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