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CARDUCCI, JOE - Rock and the Pop Narcotic


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New, amazing third printing of this historic rock book by ex-SST staffer Joe Carducci. First published in 1990 (and later reissued by 2.13.61 in 1994), this book has been painfully out of print for much of the past decade. Now up to 529 pages, paperbound, with Carduccis new preface and afterword; elegantly redesigned. Includes photographs and an illustrated appendix. Subtitled Testament for the Electric Church, this is Carduccis book of Rock Theory, which reads like a speed freaks hallucination into a dictaphone." A modernized, but still wonderfully dense update of Meltzers Aesthetics of Rock, this book defined the literal "aesthetics" better than anyone before or since, connecting the dots from Sabbath to Black Flag like the ultimate mainline. Unlike just about every other book ever written about "rock", this one is absolutely required reading. If you havent read it, youre stuck on the goddamn wrong side of the fence. Third edition (May, 2005), 529 pages." - FE.

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