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CARTER, CHRISTINA - Character Study

Drawing Room

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Her first release on Drawing Room Records, the EP, comprised of two\r\nsmoldering sidelong tracks, titled Survival" and "Salvation", finds\r\nCarter furthering her expansive work in song. _Ç The compositions are built\r\nwith transfixing electric slide-guitar, dancing tambourine, shivering\r\nbells and sparse, foreboding effects. "Survival" moves from invocation to\r\ndrowsy reverie to harrowing possession, punctuated by a major spoken\r\ndiscourse on the complicity of the artist. "Salvation", a striking\r\nrecitation of the ill-effects of this societys insufficient symbols,\r\nmoves from lush song-chant to syllable stripped bare, captured in time.\r\nThe chapbook is equal parts prose poem and critical inquiry, presenting an\r\ninterrogation of the artists existential relevance in the 21st century.\r\nReminiscent of work on Carters Many Breaths imprint (Trickster Who Is\r\nLike God, Imaginee, Texas Modern Exorcism), the Character Study EP\r\nrepresents the first widely available release documenting six years of\r\ndevelopment within Christinas unique voice/sound/text aesthetic. _Ç In\r\naddition, both the EP and the chapbook sleeves were elegantly printed\r\nbymJeff Mueller of Dexterity Press. _Ç _Ç Character Study is an essential\r\nrelease in this peerless artists catalog." - Drawing Room.
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