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CAVALIERE, FRANCESCO - Aquilone Grattacielo DJ Mix

Pacific City Discs

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"From Pacific City Discs, to you the listener, a DJ mix of fantasy and splash-energy in a small edition of vinyl. Fantasy writer/recording artist, Francesco Cavaliere, while visiting his seaside childhood vacation location, was extended an impromptu invitation, to DJ an '80s swimming club. He had this to say about his experience: "I was at Shangri-La and a boy and girl from the bathhouse in silver swimsuits and sand-colored streaks waved me over with a drink and asked me if I would like to DJ the next day during my lesson on the beach at Tana del Pirata! I then and there I laughed but then I accepted (I had nothing at home just my mp3 player and a Nokia with music inside). The next day there was a little wind on the beach and the umbrellas swayed to the left. From the heat they could catch fire, white flames, instead the sea was rough and that wind with very long wrists cheered us up, blowing gaseous clouds in our faces. Perfect for the day ahead. After the first few pieces, I began to see that a group of kids jumped into the adjacent pool trying flips bombs and candle dives. Someone at the bar was playing 'Altered Beast'... so sipping a drink with ice, I imagined DJ werewolf repeating catchy pieces while a kite half cobra half skyscraper inflated above us."This impromptu disc is fresh now, for you to frolic with this summer, while entertaining a daydream in the midst of entering a body of water while witnessing an apparition in the sky. Selected and compiled by Francisco Cavaliere." - Pacific City Discs.
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