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CAVE - Summer Flexi Series

Rotted Tooth

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CAVE doesnt waste any time. Four bars into this nameless cut and theyre all locked into the groove. The groove is hypnotic, but its in the subtle changes where Cave carves out a niche for themselves. There are loads of bands out there that can hold down a groove and improvise, but very few are as in tune with each other and tight as Cave is. Cave can trick you into believing theyre freely jamming and turn on a dime without notice. Not an easy task. Cave are excellent at sleight of hand and efficient to boot. Efficient one must be when limited to the finite space allowed on a 7 flexi disc and Id venture to say that no band has succeeded more wildly in filling up a flexi with a track that seemingly only lasts a minute. Actual track time: 5:01. This autobahn-ready instrumental picks up where 2011s Neverendless left off. 500 were pressed, if youre asking. Zero will remain, if youre sleeping. No sleep til winter! Endless Summer Flexi Series!" -Lance of Permanent Records. Numbered edition of 500 copies.

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