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CCMC - Volume 3

Music Gallery Editions

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Limited reissue of CCMCs 1978 LP, originally on Music Gallery Editions. A bit tougher to score than other later original CCMC vinyl due to most copies \'disappearing\' after New Music Distribution Services bankruptcy.

\r\n\r\nSleeve Notes:
\r\nOctober Fourth 10/4/77 Three sections. 1: About 7.5 minutes with Nubo Kubota, alto saxophone; Michael Snow, trumpet with mutes; Case Sokol, piano; Allan Mattes, bass; Larry Dubin, drums. 2: ("sea travel") Peter Anson, guitar; with bass, drums, trumpet and alto. 3: Begins with (Snow, Kubota) marimbas and electric piano (Sokol) and hammered guitar, and then two pianos (Snow, acoustic), then Dubin on marimba with bass and ostinato piano (Snow). A fourth, lyrical section begins with Kubota on soprano saxophone, fades during a transition.
\r\nSeptember Twentieth 9/20/77 Three sections. 1: Allan Mattes, clarinet and bowed base; Peter Anson, guitar; Larry Dubin, Casey Sokol, bottles and percussion. 2: Sokol, piano; Dubin, drums; Mattes, bass; Anson, guitar. 3: (Sokol) plucked piano and autoharp; Anson, guitar; Mattes, bass; Dubin, ABS pipe drums and percussion.
\r\nJune Seventh 6/7/77 One movement of a very long piece. Casey Sokol, piano; Larry Dubin, drums; Allan Mattes, bass; Nubo Kubota, tenor saxophone; Michael Snow, trumpet.
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