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CHEN, CHE - Pulaski Wave(Violin Halo)/Newtown Creek Mirror Lag

Pilgrim Talk

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Violin, sine wave generators, feedback and tape delay (on Side B)Recorded November 2010 on the banks of Newtown Creek in Brooklyn, NY. Edition of 300. "The Pulaski Bridge and Newtown Creek (over which it spans) are regular fixtures in my daily life, geographical features that I move on or over with great frequency. As I developed this system--which i did over very long durations of listening, mostly very late at night or early in the morning--and gradually felt the need to be able to differentiate certain settings from others, it made sense to name them, somewhat arbitrarily, for things that were close at hand.-Ç These systems and intervals had become very familiar to me, and during my long listening sessions in the hours on the edges of sleep, I often had the sensation of them moving from the foreground of my attention to the background and then back again. They became more like a kind of geography or weather than "music"." - Che Chen.

"Che Chen = renaissance man. Producer of the massively beautiful/creative/perfect zine series, O Sirhan, O Sirhan, member of Jozef Van Wissems Heresy of the Free Spirit, half of "now wave" duo, True Primes, (Incidentally, True Primes We Have Won LP is one of my favorite albums EVER of all time. DEEPLY STRANGE sounds, but also MUSICAL in totally new and unexpected ways.No joke - get it.), and now archivist running the Black Pollen label (working with Pauline Oliveros, Eliane Radigue, Yoshi Wada, and Sun Circle thus far). On this 7" Che is working with violin and reel to reel tape machines. Think youve heard it before? No way. Che has cautiously created a tape "accompanist" that interacts with the violins harmonic series in subtle, but tangible ways, often resulting in difference tones and creating a hypnotic violin/electronics hybrid. Now violin wave." - N. Hoffman.

"New York improvisor who works extensively with violin drones, tape delay, feedback and electronics. The sawing is more cracked and fragmentary than Id expected, but it mixes beautifully with the generator drone." - Byron Coley The Wire.
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