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A lovely vinyl reissue on Etude Records of a long obscure Climax Golden Twins gem. Originally issued in 1995, on cassette, Eerie Fragrance or Eyeless Fabrication or Exclude Frank or Eat Fuck or etc (forever) was Climax Golden Twins second official issue after a self-released double seven inch gatefold record. Cassettes--the cockroach of the industry--were a necessity at the poorer end of the music spectrum prior to CDRs and file sharing_¢?¬¶the good old days_¢?¬¶EF was a collage of noise, found sounds, punk rock disasters, Chinese climaxes, broken records, and tape failures mastered directly to cassette on a reverberant wooden floor in an old building in Seattle, Washington. It seemed an inauspicious start and little presaged the ambient/dreamy/art installation/field recording/Anomalous Records darlings CGT were to become with releases such as Lovely, Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds, Locations, etc. However, secret free hillbilly noise epilepsy has always lurked under the button up shirts, white wine sipping and gallery-opening snack-munching. The noise informs the dreams which informs the ambiance which informs the chaos and so back to the beginning and vice-versa. Etude Records discovered CGT through their work on the horror film Session Nine and have been wanting to release something ever since.\r\nPart band, part art project, Climax Golden Twins were discovered lurking under a desk in a laboratory in the early 1920s. Reconstituted around 1993 or 4 (just add gin), they perpetrated various audio artifacts on an unsuspecting (and cold) world (see extensive and largely mythical list below). These days they are the CGT in AFCGT. And they released Victrola Favorites recently on Dust to Digital. Their laboratory origins lead to a an unhealthy interest in early recording and the era of music on 78rpm records and cylinders, a time of acoustic sound reproduction when oral traditions ended and the home entertainment industry and the information age devoured our puny lives. Thats a mouthful. This era was a pivotal one in understanding how humanity arrived where it is today, though Climax Golden Twins denies all knowledge of where that might be. -Etude

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