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COLE, BRUCE - Oh, Lou Lost the Elvis Tapes


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A solo release by Bruce of The Screamin Mee-Mees! Almost a full hour of just Bruce singing songs with his guitar.\r\nSide A is Bruces solo cassette release from 1989 titled The Lost Elvis Tapes. Its just Bruce and his trusty electric guitar. The originally cassettes were mostly mailed for review or distributed to the patrons of a couple of Bruces neighborhood bars in Ferguson, MO. Very few, if any were sold to the public. The material was reissued on CDR by Slippytown almost a decade ago, but even that was a tiny edition of 50 CDRs. Side B is a collection of acoustic songs compiled from Bruces various basement tapes. About half was recorded in the early to mid 90s and the rest going back to the early 70s. Bruce does original material along with a few covers (Capt. Beefheart, Kevin Ayers, etc) in the Dog Face style.\r\nShrink-wrapped, pro-made, chrome cassette with full color cover. CS is limited to 100 copies. -Rerun.


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