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Ultra Eczema

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My favorite release to date!!! Symphonic classical synth poop music at its best, very cynical sounding parody on a parody.. very hard to explain actually.. lets say it sounds like old BBC radio jingles, empty ballroom new years partys with your grandma as the only drunk dancing queen! BOBBY COLOMBO lives in antwerp/belgium makes analog synth music, tape music, radio plays for RADIO CENTRAAL, music for theater plays and soundtracks for films (nicole van goethems films for example). he is an extreme perfectionist and a dedicated sarcastic born leader who hates the music industry in all its gross forms, he is not a part of an underground music scene at all and only listens to david bowie, kraftwerk and the beatles, still he succeeds in making the strangest industrial music, the weirdest tape stuff (reminding very much of early nurse with wound as well!) and the funniest synth music (like this 7). also; he does this since over 25 years. he is also known as BOB of BOB AND LOU. very "honest" stuff that comes in an even more honest gross cover design..." -Ultra Eczema.

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