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COMETS ON FIRE - Bong Voyage

Bad Glue

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One band can never be fully credited with resurrecting an entire scene, so lets just say Comets On Fire are owed a beer for allowing the term West Coast Psychedelic Scene to be present tense. After two caustic records on Alternative Tentacles and Ba Da Bing!, the band headed out for a country-wide tour, the best recordings of which are found on Bong Voyage. The intensity of their live shows -- songs played at a pummeling speed and always on the cusp of utter collapse -- mixes ingeniously with the true song craft behind their songs. Its not just psych for psychs sake, its real music, the most classic of classic rock, lovingly acknowledged and reinterpreted by five sweaty, energy fuelled boys. - Bad Glue. Limited to 800 copies.

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