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COMMUNICATION PALACE - Live From An Unopened Room

American Tapes

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Third release from a sound pyramid in debt to fully strange local communication system in Lansing. What would a Palace of Communication do? Hope language sacrifices? Do dances in unison to shouted rotten verbs? Would it pay rent in long sentences scribbled on moist magic ancient forest logs? What would the king or queen be like? The Queen of Communication Palace? Mouths are magic, no words inside this tape, just the echoes of the halls of the Palace when no one is around-¢?¬¶ -¢?¬¶ ultra strange sound for the weird local zone where things are communicated-¢?¬¶-¢?¬¶. Wear a vowel gown with a adjective necklace while busting this. Packaged in a new mega color slip case style with full color inzane art. -American Tapes

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