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CORNER, PHILIP - 40 Years And One: Philip Corner Plays The Piano


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"Solo piano works, performed by the composer, recorded in 1998. Philip has vision, he did something nobody else did, he brought the expressive into indeterminacy (he calls it non-compulsive indeterminacy). Hes also one of the only composers I know who can give you a handful of worlds (notes) for a score, suggestions and alternatives for a realization and create wonderful expansive vistas of music and sound. Philip loves sound(s), he really listens and relishes (cherishes) the sensual aspects of perception. When he plays the piano there is a tremendous sensitivity (sensibilité), his own art of touching and caressing the keyboard. He also loves embellishments, whether in Korean classical music or in the late French baroque of Marin Marais or Fran-ɬßois Couperin. Theres humor too, hes very funny (as many of his fluxus performances and art works will show) and his universal and non-conformist approach to life is extremely refreshing in a (music-al) world still dominated by the dull mainstream of academia." -- Anton Lukoszevieze. Featured pieces: 1. 7 Joyous Flashes (3:45) 2. Concerto for Housekeeper (5:58) 3. Short Piano Piece IV (2:51) 4. Short Piano Piece IX (2:07) 5. Short Piano Piece XIII (1:50) 6. Flux & Form No. 2 (solo) (4:01) 7. Flux & Form No. 2 (3 versions mixed) (4:39) 8. Pulse: a Keyboard Dance/C Major Chord (25:43) 9. "perfect" (on the strings) (21:49)." -XI.

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