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Vitrine rounds out its summer batch with a new cassette from British sound artist and sculptor Stephen Cornford. Empty Reels consists of just that, four investigations of empty reels spinning on a Grundig TK5 machine. The sound is not processed and is instead allowed to develop along its own path for forty minutes. The listener becomes immersed in the sound, which retains a sober anchor as Cornford steers clear of drone. Allowance for registry, intact. The four studies heard on Empty Reels establish a modest furniture theater reminiscent of such premier artists as Andrew Chalk or Massimo Toniutti. A simple process with simple rewards. Cornford reveals an objects integrity through patience and clarity of intent. Over the past five or six years, Stephen has been developing an impressive body of recorded work to compliment his reputation as an installation artist and live improviser. In addition to his own output, Cornford is responsible for co-running Consumer Waste, a label focusing on electroacoustic experimentation and uncommon sound. Vitrine is privileged to release the work of one of the most exciting and lucid of contemporary sound artists. Limited to 100 copies. - Vitrine.\r\n
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