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CORSANO/SHIFLET/YEH TRIO - Live at Flywheel, Fall 2003


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CD-R in spray/handpainted gatefold cardboard sleeve. \r\nLimited to 60 copies. Recorded during the Burning\r\nStar Core/Mike Shiflet Autumn tour in 2003; an open\r\ndate in the itinerary led to this impromptu grouping,\r\nbeing Chris Corsano (Corsano/Flaherty, Dream Aktion\r\nUnit, Vampire Belt etc.), Mike Shiflet (Noumena,\r\nScenic Railroads, Gameboy CEO, etc.), and C. Spencer\r\nYeh (Burning Star Core, Gordy Horn, Death Beam, etc.).\r\n Double vocal-n-electronic set-ups thrown across the\r\nstage splattering against drums and percussion. Live\r\nreports were complimentary, and heres your souvenir. \r\nThree tracks, taken from two camcorder sources, plus a\r\nbonus twenty minute reworking by Shiflet. P.S. --\r\nIt all went down November 20th, 2003, no matter what\r\nthe inkjet sticker claims. - Drone Disco.

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