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COSTER, TIM - Rowboat/Blackberry


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Tim Coster, hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, presents on CMR his third solo release in the form of an acetate 7. Coster is a sound artist and improviser involved in a number of different projects: Plains (see new CD on, his record label CLaudia (see -Ç for available releases), and solo practice recording works for CD, sound installation and performance. Working primarily with field recordings and various instruments Coster concentrates on short segments of recorded sound which he dissects, processes and loops. Over these he adds granular tones, field hums and live crackles creating delicate and peaceable sound works. This acetate is produced by Peter King in Mt Somers, NZ and shows Coster at his more musical, with two fantastic 5min songs showing his talent in the subtle mixing of tone and texture." - CMR.

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