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Bruit Direct Disques

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45t presse a 500 exemplaires pour le monde. le mastering a ete fait par le grand john de chez golden y a 3 morceaux, 2 sur la premiere face et un sur la deuxieme, oui. -Bruit Direct. "First American release by this intriguing French imprint, and its strongest release to date. Cro Magnon, not to be confused with the ESP-Disk outfit of yore, is Haley Fohr (Circuits des Yeux) and Katie Leming, operating in an overmodulated lo-fi gestalt. Theres pop here, in the same way that Times New Viking delivers it (Wash), but a lot more anger and discordance (A Hole), finally culminating in evocative, obtuse, broken dollhouse sounds of quiet fear (Apple Orchard). The slide from somewhat straightforward sounds to deliberate creep-on is quite the thing to behold, and if these two can keep the quality level up (seriously kids, there is NO NEED to release seven LPs worth of material before your 21st birthday), they will be a fondly remembered outfit in this troubled corner of musical expression and instant gratification through unformed scraps." - Dusted.

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