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CRUMER, JASON - Ottoman Black

Hospital Productions

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Fresh off his solo breakthrough LP on the legendary RRR label, Future With No Chance,\r\nJason Crumer returns with Ottoman Black, an album of midnight drones and true noise.\r\nUsing powerfully clear electronics as a base for declarative noise bursts, Crumer\r\nmanipulates\r\nthe sounds with a resounding animosity. In the vein of past Hospital releases from\r\nPedestrian\r\nDeposit and Air Conditioning, Crumer yields his mean streak to an array of silences over\r\nthe\r\ncourse of the album. The theme here is personal relations; tracks like Betrayal After\r\nBetrayal"\r\nhave a conversational quality, both the screams and the muffles, the physicality. "Where\r\nWere\r\nYou" is an actionist-influenced piece of torture. Theres nothing not painful here,\r\nespecially the\r\nquiet; the peaks are almost a relief. Ottoman Black is a stern and unforgiving universe." - Hospital Productions.

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