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D.A. - Odeon

Olde English Spelling Bee

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"Debut album by sci-fi oriented vintage synth duo who recently relocated to Los Angeles from Texas. Very outsider in that they were completely unaware of the current synth revival going on in the American underground (Emeralds, OPN, Caboladies, et al). D.A. began recording after being commissioned to make soundtracks for floatation tanks at a new age center in Texas. A chance meeting at a cafe led to the duo handing dozens of hours of these sessions to OESB. This album features some standouts from those early recordings. Their time in Los Angeles has been highlighted by a series of private rooftop concerts that overlook training grounds for the L.A.P.D. riot squads - the scrambling helicopters and practice gun battles below adding to the sinister dystopian vibe of their compositions. Limited numbered run of 400 copies, silkscreened by Monoroid on heavy duty chipboard jackets." - OESB.

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