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DALTON, KAREN - Green Rocky Road

Megaphone UK

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2015 repress; originally released in 2008. Another chapter in the ever-evolving story of Karen Dalton. These are home recordings, taped by Joe Loop, as was the acclaimed double live album Cotton Eyed Joe (MEGAUK 015CD, 2007). These recordings were made at Daltons home in Boulder, Colorado, on a reel-to-reel. It sounds like the album Dalton would have released in 1963 had she been given the opportunity. Here are the first takes of Ribbon Bow," "Katie Cruel," and "In the Evening," and a more complete document of Daltons repertoire on banjo. During their first long stay in Colorado, Dalton and her husband Richard Tucker were lucky enough to find in Joe Loop an enlightened club owner who would book them often but who was also a self-taught sound engineer. Joe Loop recorded a couple of Daltons shows, and would also occasionally bring his reel-to-reel machine to Dalton and Tuckers house on Pine Street so they could record their burgeoning musical ideas. Some jams were recorded with Tucker trying his hand at the saxophone, without the ease he showed on vocals. But Dalton was overwhelmed by the reel-to-reel machines possibilities and would gladly experiment by herself with overdubs -- something of a portastudio a couple of decades before it became a musicians household commodity. By the grace of Joe Loops faith, we now have a document of what a 1963 Karen Dalton album would be like." - Megaphone UK.

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