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Cien Fuegos

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"Tausend Seen was originally released in a very small quantity in 1982, and is now -- after 30 years -- available again in a remastered edition. Punk rock is skillfully combined with new wave, and this album has the disturbing yet catching feeling of Joy Divisions Closer and it is still an amazing, stand-alone piece of music. Walter Leinwebers melancholic voice adds the perfect portion "anti-pop" to the mix. It all adds up to an extraordinary recording of Austrian underground music history, which has long been out-of-print and very sought-after in the international new/cold wave scene. The record was produced by Konrad Becker and remastered in 2012 by Amann Studios. Members include: Erich Allinger (keys); Michael Andersch (vocals); Thomas Guth (bass); Franz Heuschneider (bass, guitar); Walter Leinweber (guitar, vocals); Wolfgang Leinweber (drums)." -Cien Fuegos.
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