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DARK SUNNY LAND - Emanations For A Returning

One Hand

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The latest from Dark Sunny Land, Emanations for a Returning, will be available from One Hand Records hq in August. Over the last decade Bostons Steve Painter, under various monikers, has quietly released a number of killer CDs on Gulcher that seemed to earn him high praise from the handful who heard them. Most enthusiastically touted by the great, long-running zine turned blog, Black to Comm, check out the fine interview with Steve Painter that appeared there.\r\nEmanations is four tracks of Painters uneasy, claustrophobic feedback and drone that are reminiscent of trailblazers Kluster and Taj Mahal Travelers. Painter calls his music _¢‚Ǩ_ìcranky ambient._¢‚Ǩ¬ù Recorded in the shadows of Fenway Park, this is an excellent late-night comedown listen. Emanations is the first Dark Sunny Land release to appear on vinyl.\r\nSilk screened covers. Edition of 150 copies. - One Hand.

"Do try and search out the delightful and highly useful EMANATIONS FOR A RETURNING by Bostons Dark Sunny Land. Released on_Ç One Hand Records, this limited vinyl edition shakes and sparkles with that same shimmer as Japanese Gagaku ceremonies, all Timeless and Hazy and Almost and Nearly. Its probably those singing bowls that throw time off so, or perhaps the household objects, or maybe even the subtly rendered Theremin. Indeed, Im loathe to compare this vinyl LP with anything too specific, for it is entirely itself. Yes, the music of Dark Sunny Land occupies mostly a peculiar heat haze hinterland, a semi-permanent perch that always appears to threaten a massive increase in volume, but never does. But EMANATIONS FOR A RETURNING is a fine LP housed in a delightful art sleeve, and it dont half endlessly repeat well, Motherfuckers." - Julian Cope.
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