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DARKSMITH - Everyone Is Welcome In My Room


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Metaphors contain cracks through which significance slips out. Occurrence without explanation, but with clear purpose and senseless resolve. Vitrine is beside itself with pride to announce the latest release by California tape artist Darksmith. Everyone Is Welcome In My Room sidesteps the trendiness, slickness and hothouse social backslapping which is de rigueur in the contemporary experimental underground. Tom Darksmith follows up an array of CDrs, including an impressive collaboration with Dylan Nyoukis on Chocolate Monk, with thirty minutes of consummate tape music - abstract in vision and deliberate in intent. Each side progresses with the illusion of motionlessness, allowing for wide chasms of broken sound to crackle alongside the hull of an enormous din. Darksmith belongs to a small handful of artists who cannot be tethered to a geographic aesthetic or a timely moment in sound. Instead, he draws from a deep reservoir of rusted electronics, detuned strings and sterling tape music to craft work which is both incredibly contemporary and of its own sounding. If anything, he becomes increasingly intriguing with each subsequent release. Darksmith does not so much interrogate the boundaries of a space as generate a science fictional topography via magnetic tape and electronics. Vitrine is honored to have the opportunity to share this new work by one of the best artists currently working in the form. Limited to 100 copies. Sold out at source. - Vitrine.\r\n\r\n
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