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DARROW, CHRIS - Artist Proof

Drag City

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LP version with debossed jacket and printed innersleeve. Includes a CD of the full album, plus five bonus tracks. Already a veteran of several bands and scenes on the L.A. landscape, Chris was a founding member of the west coast Kaleidoscope. He went his own way after the recording of their second album, A Beacon from Mars, to pursue music on his own terms. Artist Proof, Chriss solo debut, is a rich and powerful dose of California country rock, written almost entirely by Chris and played with grit and precision by a cast of great players (whose resumes are too lengthy to include here, but pretty much all of them began with this record -- Chris had an ear for good young talent!) including Ed Black, Loren Newkirk, Arnie Moore, Mickey McGee, and John Ware. The turn of the west-coast rock scene toward country music was something no one man could create on his own -- Chris himself has been quoted as saying that the country-rock sound was created by bands, not individuals. This seems right; a coming together of young people testing out their formative influences in the light of a new day, creating something different in the process. The fresh feeling of Artist Proof is an evidence of this -- proof positive, in fact! Back in print for the first time in 40 years and finally ushered into the digital realm.. CD includes five bonus tracks. -Drag City.

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